Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunrise Raro style

While I have seen a few sunrises on this trip I thought I would bring you along for this one. It seems no two sunsets or sunrises are alike here, each one unique each one memorable and each one the last for that day as we are at the western edge of the International Date Line. Just a short journey west will take you to tomorrow. The sun here in Rarotonga moves as if it is on a mission bursting over the horizon as if it can’t wait to get here and in the evening it sinks quickly as if it is running late to its appointment with tomorrow.

This morning my big brother Trevor and I went to the place where it is said the first Maori set off to settle New Zealand. We arrived as the first rays of sunshine were reaching from below the horizon. We are on the coral and volcanic headland to the north of the inlet.

A house with a giant turtle painted on its side sits on the shore line pointing toward the sunrise. We are alone this morning with only the ever present surf in front of us… and scores of Roosters behind singing backup.

I find myself in a water filled hole in the volcanic rock were the surf crashes in on every third wave. The entrance is a small opening about 4 foot wide and in the muted morning light the opening looks like two ancient sentries one with his arm out to stop me from going any further.

Of course I did not heed the warning and I got wet but before I did I captured the spray coming through the entrance, back lit by the sun. After turning to avoid the spray I see Trevor standing above me taking in the view. Even he is silent (very rare folks) as he can’t help but pay homage to a new day in paradise…

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