Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Family

I get to use my sister’s little Suzuki car to get around which means I can go in any direction around the island that I chose! First, however you must have a Cook Islands driver’s license. All I needed was a valid drivers license from USA plus $10.00 and the magic password of “Jayne and Danny Kelly” you can get the license while standing there. BTW, I have found the magic password very handy so far. It seems Jayne and Danny are much respected here and can open doors quickly.

Life here is in many ways like living back in the 50’s and 60’s in New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong it relates mostly to the pace and attitude between one person and another… I like it. All the other modern conveniences are here, but, the family life and social interaction is old school. The local TV station has no particular schedule even though it advertises one. The other night the news was on but was cut in the middle of the broadcasters sentence because a big Rugby came from New Zealand had started, so straight to that, which is what we all wanted to watch anyhow. Another trick I have found is to take a shower when a game is on or when “Shortland Street” a New Zealand television drama comes on as everyone is watching therefore is the best time for good water pressure!

I have driven around the island only once but plan to go more often as time allows. The electrical power here is all generated by diesel generators up on a hill side so power is more expensive than in the USA, but town water which everyone is on is free, just not always at high pressure. The main mode of transportation is scooter/motorbike, small cars and public bus. You folks back in the USA better stop complaining about gas prices.... here is is $2.39 per litre (four litres to the gallon). I see cruise ships call in and of course there are the flights coming and going from New Zealand, Tahiti, USA, Hawaii and alike.

I haven’t been taking many pictures as I’m just soaking up the place and living, laughing and loving with my family after 14 years. It is such a great pleasure to catch up with my dad… I do miss his conversation, wit and wisdom that he brings to any situation. Sitting with my mum started off very hard but is getting sweeter all the time. Catching up with my brother is wonderful as we share many interests together, photography being one. My sister Jayne is treating me like royalty and I love it… (Or as she puts it… “It’s only for 3 weeks, and then she sits back on the throne”)… isn’t that sweet of her?

We have had monsoon rains the last couple of days and it caused the flight from LA (The same one I came on last week) to be diverted to Tahiti as the pilots couldn’t see the runway nor the runway lights. I missed a free flight to Tahiti by one week!

Ka kite

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