Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Lovely Milli

Friday was Milli’s birthday. Milli is from Fiji and now part on the Kelly family. Being 6 months pregnant to my nephew Ryan she is fitting in very well and learning that the Tombleson side of the family is different from any she has encountered before! But, I must say she is an in-laws dream come true with her sweet and respectful nature along with her sense of humor. Having said that, it must be hard for her in some ways as she is away from home and family, very pregnant and just turning 20 years old.

We put on a lovely party for her with lots of her favorite food stuffs and big cake complete with 20 candles. We all wanted her to have a special day as she had told us the last birthday she had were she received any gifts was when she was 16 and that this night was an unexpected surprise. However, it was Milli who gave us the best gift of all. She caped off the night with a tearful speech of appreciation to the family. I hid behind my camera; Gordon took off to do the washing up while all the rest wiped their eyes with some regularly as her emotion and elation poured out.

I managed to capture a few images of the characters present this night… but no matter how hard I tried to take pictures it was the image of Milli talking that was ingrained in my mind. Thanks Milli…all the best!

And News just in!!!!!!!! Milli just came back from having a scan and when she asked about the sex of the baby the female doctor said, and I quote! “Yes, here is the ding dong and here are the balls, it’s a boy, eh!”

I love Rarotonga… it hasn’t gone politically correct yet… and a ding dong is still a ding dong! Thank God.

I did however take a picture of the Tombleson's, Kelly's and Walkers this night.

Ka kite

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