Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food on the Land

Here on the Kelly compound I have access to many fruits, vegetables and other consumable items. Looking out from my balcony I can see growing in front of me. Coconut palms (two kinds), Mango trees (not in season), Paw Paw trees (papaya), Avocado tree, Lettuce, Rocket, Spring onions, Taro root, Arrowroot, Mountain Banana trees, Lemon trees, Orange trees, Coffee trees and Chickens running free with the odd Pig squealing somewhere in the distance. That is just from my balcony if I go out the front door toward the main house I can grab, Star fruit, Passion fruit, Pineapple, Brazilian Mango, Vanilla beans, Grapefruit and I know I have left a few out, but not to worry because once I get to the kitchen I can have Vegemite or Marmite on toast, so I’m okay in case I’m still hungry!

I haven’t gotten into the flowers growing wild yet… maybe another blog. Suffice to say a little vegetarian like me can survive just by walking out my door and I do. Every day I have fresh fruit although the dogs get the Avocado’s first when they drop and eat them in front of me! The tastes of these fruits are explosive to my tongue, there is nothing like fresh ripe fruit.

For those non vegetarians out there the ocean is full of fish. In fact it is interesting to watch the fishermen at night speed up and down the reef with big flashlights to attract the flying fish to jump at the light and hence into the boat. No lines, no bait, no wait… just a light and the fish fly in! It looks like a highway of traffic with all the lights going in one direction. Here I have shown, Banana, coffee and Star fruit... the others you should know!

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