Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saturday Market

Saturday Mornings in Rarotonga for the locals starts off with a visit to the Punanga Nui Market. This is where the entire island comes to buy, sell, eat and socializes. A gathering place for characters, sights, sounds and smells.

Of course I had to go along and see for myself. I arrived early with Trevor to catch the morning light.

The people here in Rarotonga are friendly and love to laugh and the market brings it out in them. No one seems to by hung up on issues… they live for today. I was able to walked up to people and asked to take their picture and they would all say “sure if you like,” and they would stop what they were doing and wait for you to take the picture. Then wish you a good day and go about their business. One fellow asked if I wanted to see his best side and I said sure… so he bent over and said “cheese” then laughed and laughed… I then said no don’t say cheese say Banana, at which point he said he left it at home, eh!

Cats, dogs, chickens, roosters, kids and tourist come and are welcome to roam around. A real open market with open people… I will miss Rarotonga… not only for the wonderful weather, food and landscape, but for the laid back people, were family is first, sharing is normal and having a good time is paramount!

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