Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Rarotonga Pilgrimage

Two weeks until I leave for Rarotonga (You can Google it to find out where it is!). 14 years have past since all my family were together last and 21 years since I was in Rarotonga.
A lot has changed I'm sure in those years, both in the expansion of the island life and expansion of a few girths, not lest of which is mine.

I have included a couple of images for you to get a sense of the island lay out
. I will be staying in "The Kelly Compound", Kelly being my sister's married name. Specifically I will be housed in the VIP "Hilton Hotel Private Apartment".

I'm intending to write a few words and post a few images of my sojourn now that the island is the center of my family. Why center you ask? Well my Father lives there, my dear Mothers ashes are enshrined there, my brother works there and my sister (the favorite and leader of the clan) lives and works there wit
h her husband Danny and son Ryan. I am it would seem the only one missing. But, not for long, I get 3 weeks on a tropical island hence 3 weeks with my mum, dad, brother and sister, etc... sounds like the garden of Eden to me!

Stay tuned for more posts. I leave on the 6th of April, God willing and the creek don't rise... but I could post at any time from now on.

I can hear the ukuleles'
playing, feel the south seas breeze waffling over the lagoon on my cheeks, taste the fresh tropical fruits and see the sign's "beware of falling coconuts"!!!! Paradise found...

e noho ra