Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Island

It’s been awhile I know since my last update…. But am I having fun! Family is a special space, a special place… and I’m back living and loving all I can. Folks if you only see and feel what see and feel you would believe that, “somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, and the dreams that you dream of, once in a lullaby…”

Finally I got to sleep on my first night… but not until I had all the doors and windows open allowing the breeze to rustle through the coconut palms in concert with the breaking waves from the lagoon and the Gecko’s calling for an evening of love. Even the odd mosquito that floats through the door sounds in tune with these serene surroundings, there is a harmony here that reveals itself only when you relax and live in its time frame.

I awake as I do every morning to look out on Danny’s garden with a mountain rising steeply behind. Sunrise comes quickly with a quite intensity that takes your breath away for a heartbeat then soar’s higher into the sky to bring life to this lush island punctuated every so often by the thump of a coconut falling and hitting the ground.

A little walk on the beach followed by tea and toast with Jayne and dad kick starts the day followed by conversation with mum or a nap. To be in a hurry here would be sinful, a slap in the face of God who surely made this place as a prelude to what is to come if you care to join him in heaven.

Now you will have to excuse me as its time for me to just sit with my feet in the water and think about… will I have a fresh Pawpaw, Star fruit, Passion fruit, coconut milk or maybe some hokey pokey ice cream… let me at them all!!!!!!

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